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Colton wants everyone to know, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!!

Colton wants everyone to know, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!!

Heaven is for Real

 I gladly defer to the wisdom of Christian Leaders, Ray Comfort and  John Piper, both of whom I am well aware and do revere, in fact I still attend the church that Piper recently retired from, but, call me an intellectual simpleton, I did very much enjoy the book and found it very moving and do hope to see the movie. I too, like Piper, am very skeptical of books like “Heaven Is For Real” in fact…

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Are We Getting It? ―Are ‘Blood Moons’ Biblical Signs From God?

Are We Getting It? ―Are ‘Blood Moons’ Biblical Signs From God?

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I personally saw this just after 2 am early morning of April 15, 2014. Happy Tax Day :-)

As with many of my posts on this blog, once again I am sharing other posts or articles and sometimes adding my reflections or my ‘two-cents.’ Here is no exception. Below read this excellent article and view all four videos too in this article. Decide for yourself if you side with Pastor John Hagee or if you…

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Uninstall Firefox
Spread the word! Uninstall Firefox. Go with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera or anything but Mozilla Firefox. Boycott Firefox.


Do this, but not solely for the reasons that you might think that I am saying this. Delete Firefox to preserve liberty and to preserve tolerance. I am talking about in the true sense of the true meaning of the word “tolerance.” The loony left has hijacked and…

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